The secret to efficient shooting outdoors

The secret to efficient shooting outdoors

2022-06-16 14:01:08
I don't know since when, we are more and more pursuing speed, and life and even work have been pressed the "fast forward" button.
  • Arrange working hours in seconds, all you need is the speed of your liver;
  • Limited budget, limited personnel, limited support, only the pursuit of effect is unlimited;
  • Shooting rain scenes in sunny days, noon scenes in the middle of the night, with the least equipment, to do the most complicated scenes;
How to complete the preparation for three TVCs and one MV in 20 days until the film is released!

The first is to choose the shooting location, the shooting team decides, the principle of proximity, minimize the travel time, and complete 40 sets of shots in half a day.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors
Strict time and shooting tasks left little time for lighting engineers and equipment groups. Considering the actual conditions and shooting time, the high-power, high-brightness, and lightweight 1000Xpro spotlight became the best choice for this project.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors

Outdoor shooting problem 1: The scorching sun is in the sky

Outdoor, mountain top, hot sun, ancient costume. Shooting outdoors on sunny days will face the problem of uncomfortable eyes of actors. Once the medium and close shots are encountered, the lighting must be re-lighted.

Lishuai 1000Xpro spotlight has high power and high brightness. After the upgrade, it comes with a standard cover of 5600K color temperature, and can reach 230,000Lux illumination at a distance of 1m. It is one of the few dual-color temperature spotlights in the industry that can achieve this illumination level.

The extremely high light output leaves more room for creators to set up scenes. When shooting at noon, you can choose to use a large butterfly cloth to block the sunlight of the actors being filmed. With the high brightness output of the 1000Xpro, the actors can look at the camera comfortably and perfectly restore the space atmosphere of the noon sunlight.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors

Outdoor shooting problem 2: venue restrictions

There is an accepted guideline in the shooting circle. When shooting outdoors, keep your equipment to a minimum. Unless you have manpower available, reducing equipment can help increase your flexibility and allow you to spend more time shooting instead of spending a lot of money. Take the time to debug attachments.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors
This time, the filming took place on a barren mountain, and there is no fixed power supply source, because there are very few people at the scene of the epidemic, the surrounding terrain is unknown, and the environment is changeable.
Compared with the high-brightness light output by the 1000Xpro, it requires relatively less power consumption. The crew brought an 8000W generator. In addition to energizing photography and cloud monitoring, the 1000Xpro only needs 600W of power consumption. Compared with traditional high-power video lights, the 1000Xpro's energy conversion is very good.
On the other hand, in terms of usability, the 1000Xpro lamp body weighs 5.49kg, which is less than half of the traditional 1.8K dysprosium lamp, and can be operated by a single person. Greatly reduce labor consumption for outdoor shooting.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors

Outdoor shooting problem 3: changeable weather

In April, the last second was sunny, and the next second may usher in a heavy rainstorm. This season, as long as they go out to shoot, the crew will bring a lot of rainproof equipment when preparing. In terms of lighting, the function of rainproofing is also a major factor.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors
1000Xpro has the function of preventing rain, from the lamp body to the controller, it comes fully armed. Some crews have done on-site tests in professional institutions, using high-pressure fire sprinklers to impact the lamp body and controller, 1000Xpro can still work efficiently.

The anti-rain function is the function when shooting rain scenes. In all kinds of extreme environments, the 1000Xpro is the light that you can use with confidence.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors

Outdoor shooting problem 4: It's dark, and the play isn't over yet

Shooting outdoors is not just about taking time in the physical sense, but more about shooting in the sky. The same light effect can be achieved under different ambient light shooting, and the scene light can be restored.

In this outdoor TVC shooting, starting from 1:00 p.m., the actual available sky light is only 5 hours, but as many as 40 sets of lenses are required, which will inevitably lead to inconsistent light before and after.

The plan given by the lighting engineer of the crew is to play a high color temperature consistent with the noon sunlight on the front of the protagonist, use a lower color temperature for the fill light, and use a high color temperature for the backlight, so that the overall light color is consistent.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors
1000Xpro, as a high-power dual-color temperature spotlight, is equipped with 500W warm color + 500W cool color high-quality COB lamp beads. The color temperature is continuously adjustable from 2700K to 6500K, which can perfectly simulate light effects such as noon, evening, sunlight, and tungsten light.

By the time of the last shot, it was approaching 7:00, and it was already completely dark. The lighting engineer turned on all three 1000Xpros, and continuously adjusted the brightness and color temperature to ensure consistency.
The secret to efficient shooting outdoors
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