Coolcam G series

Coolcam G series


450W max COOLCAM 400X(G) Bi-Color LED Studio light for photo and video

The COOLCAM 400X(G) is a high-performance professional film and television light specially designed by Lishuai for high-end live streaming and commercial shooting. Adopting an integrated design, high brightness, high color rendering, and high-quality light source, the image quality has been greatly improved. It is very suitable for high-end live streaming room lighting and personal self media creation.

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60W APP Controlled COOLCAM P60X (G) Bi-color LED Panel Light

LS COOLCAM P60X (G) is a Bi-color temperature LED panel light with an integrated design, making it more convenient and efficient to use. Equipped with a softbox and grid as standard, it is easy to install, and high-quality light beads ensure even illumination without dazzling, making it very suitable for video interviews and static photography.

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