Huescape Tube

Huescape Tube


LS 10” HS-T25 Portable RGBWT Full Color LED tube light

HS-T25 is a portable RGB LED tube light. It is compact enough to mount behind your subject for rim light and the unique shape creates a striking rod-shaped catch-light in portraits or product shots. It is suitable for live broadcasting, camping, selfie, still life shooting, video recording, etc.

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LS 2.4ft T2X 360 degree Handheld Stick LED Video Light for Photography

The T2X is a portable and handheld LED light designed to deliver brilliant and natural lighting for all your subjects. Its light-emitting surface and breakthrough 360° light-emitting angle provide an ultra-wide angle arc diffusion surface, resulting in soft and uniform light quality. This is particularly beneficial in portrait photography as it accurately captures and highlights the texture of human skin, enhancing the overall appearance with a film and television level fashion atmosphere.

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LS HS-T120 4ft PIXEL Tube LED light RGBWT full color (8-light Kit )

The LS 8-light kit of 4ft LED tube light is an efficient solution for the photo and film production. The kit contains with tube clamp, backlight stand, connecting cables of different lengths, DMX cables, power box and a hard case for extra safety during transportation. And the power box acted as a power adapter to work with your household AC power. Each tube featuring RMBWT full color output, color control and pixel control over the certain lighting effects. And they all could be controlled by App and DMX console.

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LS HS-T60 / HS-T120 2ft / 4ft PIXEL Tube LED light RGBWT full color

HS-T60 and HS-T120 are the 2ft and 4ft LED tube lights respectively, featuring RGBWT full color output, adjustable 2600-7500K color temperature. And they offer creative color and pixel control over the lighting effects. With an high power output and wired or wireless APP or DMX control, the lights are ideal for filmmaker, content creator and photographer. They can be mounted on the light stand or in a unique configurations to imitate special scenes.

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24” RGB516 LED video light tube

The lightweight and versatile RGB516 combines and extended continuous variable color temperature of 2700-6500K with a variable RGB color in a single handheld light. It has a built-in battery can be continuously used for about 2.5 hours.In addition to using white color, the lighting has 26 scene effect modes that can create or meet other environmental conditions such as party, lightning and so on.

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