Coolcam Series LED

Coolcam Series LED


220W COOLCAM 200D LED Monolight for Photo and video shooting,for Live streaming or live studio

COOLCAM 200D is a professional fill light with accurate color temperature, high color rendering index, PWM integrated digital stepless dimming, adjustable brightness, color temperature and speed, NTC temperature detection, automatic fan speed control, overheating protection function, LCD color digital display, high-strength aluminum shell, LED heat-free technology, and two lighting versions.

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220W max COOLCAM 200X Bi-Color LED Monolight for film and broadcast, video production

The live streaming setup must include this potent fill light. This bi-color light can be utilized to add ambient light to any space or highlight our subjects. It is simple to adjust and fits in any environment thanks to its articulating arm.

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310W COOLCAM 300D Daylight 5600K LED monolight for live photography and video shooting

All professional lighting equipment aims to achieve a superior balance between light distribution, color temperature, and brightness. These objectives are achieved via the Coolcam 300D's high-power COB LED source, which has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and a precise color temperature (CRI/TLCI 95).

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660W COOLCAM 600D Spotlight High-power COB Monolight for Photographic or Movie Shooting

The 600D is a potent, high-power single light source. It works nicely as an accent or feature light and makes a striking statement in any setting. For video events, architectural and product photography, as well as photo shoots for beauty and fashion, the 600D is perfect.

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500W COOLCAM 600X Bi-color 2700K-6500K Spotlight High-power COB Monolight for Photographic or film Shooting

The 600X is an advanced COB-LED spotlight that produces high output with excellent color rendering and high fidelity color rendition. It includes a large number of function keys to easily access frequently used settings. With a durable aluminum body and a lightweight design, the 600X is well-suited to be used in multiple applications, such as photo shooting and video recording.

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60W COOLCAM P60 Portable Bi-color 2700K-6500K LED Panel Light for Photography and Live Broadcast

The Lishuai COOLCAM P60 Bi-color LED Panel Light features a super-bright output that offers solid assistance for live broadcasting and photography.

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120W COOLCAM P120 Portable 2700K-6500K Bi-color LED Panel Light for Photo and video shooting

Our LED Panel Light P120 has the same professional quality, design, and performance as traditional LED light sources. This light is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy with excellent anti-corrosion performance. It adopts the latest generation of SMD LEDs which are able to convert daylight directly into artificial light without any additional filters or lenses, resulting in strong illumination for longer hours with lower energy consumption.

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