Huescape RGB Panel

Huescape RGB Panel


LS 120W HUESCAPE HS-120 RGB+W LED Panel Light for Photography and Video Shooting

The light achieves the best CRI of any high-end light without any compromise. It can be used for shooting video and photos, and it can provide a variety of high-quality effects. The range is from 2800 k to 10000 k, with dimming control from 0% to 100%.

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LS 100W HUESCPAE HS-700R Round RGB+W LED Light for Studio and Video

The HS-700R is a powerful, color-changing DMX-512 multi-color light designed to provide customers with high brightness and a large area of coverage. This fixture features a high CRI white LED design, making it perfect for nightclubs, music venues, amusement parks, and more!

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LS 150W HUESCAPE HS-150 RGB+W LED Studio and Video Panel Light

This high-performance Huescape RGB LED Studio Light offers the widest color selection. It can be fully dimmed from 0 to 100%. The Huescape RGB LED Studio Light is suitable for indoor and outdoor photography, video graphy, and product shots.

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LS 300W HUESCAPE HS-300 RGB+W LED Light -1x2 multi color Dimmable Studio light

HS-300 Lighting is designed with an all-aluminum frame and has a good cooling system. Combining the advantages and features of LED, it is a compact, soft, and efficient flat panel light. Not only the adjustable color temperature but also the adjustable green and magenta dots optimize the spectrum with good color effects.

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600W max HS-600 Large Power RGB LED Light

This light's RGB values are fully adjustable, allowing for the precise look that was desired. Multiple preprogrammed effects and scenes make it easy to achieve dramatic looks for your photos and shoots. With up to 600 watts of lighting power, this light will allow you to create any effect desired, no matter what the task is.

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600W HS-600S High power RGB LED Light

The HS-600S is a 600W RGB LED light that uses Huescape technology. This innovative LED can produce a wide range of vivid colors, including the entire RGB+W spectrum, which permits fully saturated hues, with six different color temperatures ranging from 2800K to 10,000K. It features great brightness, razor-sharp beams, and rich, saturated colors while using only roughly 600 watts. The front diffuser panel allows you to soften and smooth out the angles of your light beams, allowing them to spread out over a wide area or form narrow beams for a focused effect.

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1200W HS-1200 Super Large High power RGB LED Light Panel

The HS-1200 Super Large High power RGB LED Panel is ideal for DJs and performers, providing elegant illumination with improved color mixing.

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