Victorsoft Panel

Victorsoft Panel


120W C200 high power Studio LED Panel light with LCD Screen

C200 is a soft and powerful LED panel light. Lightweight, with sufficient brightness, it is very suitable for use in studio environments. With its size, it is very suitable for filming various scenes such as movies and television, studios, advertisements, etc., and can be easily set up and used without the need for additional accessories.

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200W C400 high power Studio LED Panel light with LCD Screen

The 200W C400 high-power LED panel light with LCD display screen is a good choice for indoor lighting. This product has the characteristics of easy installation and soft lighting. It can also be used in film and television shooting, studio shooting, advertising shooting and other places which need long-life and save electricity.

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LS 120W P-1580ASVL LED Studio and Video Panel Light

The LS 120W P-1580ASVL LED Studio and Video Panel Light is a great choice for residential or commercial residential applications. It is powerful and reliable, ensuring the home always looks bright and beautiful

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LS 100W P-1380ASVL Photo and Studio LED Panel Light

This LS 100W P-1380ASVL Photo and Studio LED Panel Light is perfect for any space looking to update their look and feel with luxury. With a sleek style and high brightness, this panel light can bring any room to life.

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LS 160W P-2400ASVL High Power LED Panel Light

The LS 160W P-2400ASVL High Power LED Panel Lightis a powerful LED panel light with high color rendering, boasting over 180 lm/w and a CRI of >90. It features edge-lit ends, making it ideal for illuminating wall or ceiling surfaces without having to worry about its warm-up time.

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LS Victorsoft 1x1 100W V-2000ASVL Bi-color High Power LED Panel Light

V-2000ASVL is a powerful bi-color high-quality LED light product. It combines the latest technology with an energy-saving design and it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It's also perfect for shooting photo and video. You get full control over the brightness and color temperature, and you can run it on any household current or use two V-lock style batteries.

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LS Victorsoft 1x2 200W V-4000ASVL Bi-color High Power LED Studio Panel Light

V-4000ASVL is a 200w high power bi-color LED studio light with high CRI. Compared with traditional lighting, it’s more stable and easy to set up for your work. And with the optional battery power feature, you can take this versatile LED studio light anywhere, making it perfect for studio shooting or full size outdoor production.

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LS Victorsoft 1x4 300W V-6000ASVL Bi-color High Power LED Studio Panel Light

The Victorsoft V-6000ASVL is a powerful LED panel light that offers soft and gentle lighting, making it ideal for professional indoor or location work. It is designed in 1x4 size, and it provides powerful illumination and a larger light-emitting area compared to the other models in the same series.

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LS Victorsoft 12 55W VR-1200ASVL Bi-color LED Studio Video Light

VR-1200ASVL is a powerful bi-color LED panel light and has the unique round design of the light which provide a different choice among all the traditional square and rectangular size. As well, it gives out beam with no multiple shadow and hotspots, that's perfect for in-studio shoots or location productions.

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LS Victorsoft 18 100W VR-2500ASVL High Power Bi-color LED Studio Video Light

The 100W VR-2500ASVL is a newer version of the powerful LED panel light, sharing a similar construction and using the same high-quality LEDs as the VR-1200ASVL. The larger size and higher power make it a better choice for various lighting projects, whether you need it in photography, video, or other applications that require excellent lighting functionality.

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LS 80W LED800X Bi-color LED Panel Light for Photography and Videography

LED800X LED is a powerful dual color LED light panel that adjusts the lighting effect through a knob control. Simple operation, clear data and bi-color adjustment can help users achieve the desired effect, making it very suitable for professional indoor or on-site work. It's the best choice for photographers.

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LS 100W W30 Convex Designed Wide Angle LED Studio Light

W30 is an industry-first with a wide 180°beam angle, designed for faster setups with fewer lights. The breakthrough curved shape creates an ultra-wide 180° beam angle which spreads the light wider than ever before. The light can be utilized for scene photography, TV and video productions, and studio work.

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