1000xpro Field Case

1000xpro Field Case

2022-06-17 10:36:39

Li Shuai film and television has been focusing on the digital presentation and refinement improvement of end-user experience, insight into user pain points, and committed to creating products that appeal to creators.


It has been several months since the launch of the blockbuster product 1000xpro of Lishuai film and television in 2022. We have collected some experience of friends from different industries and regions in using it. I hope these records can give you a more comprehensive and true understanding of this product.


How strong is the high-intensity rain proof


--The crew of "light you up"


As a TV play with the theme of fire rescue, the new play "light you up", which was just finished in April, has not been set yet, but we can already foresee that there will be a large number of rain scenes and outdoor scenes in the play.

Different from ordinary rain scenes, the shooting scenes of fire rescue are not the breeze and drizzle we usually see, but the spray of professional fire water guns.


"Before shooting, we were worried that the rain proof function of lighting equipment could not meet our expectations. We also saw that many LED lamp brands have launched the selling points of waterproof function. However, unlike the laboratory environment, there are many uncertainties in the field shooting, such as the direction of rain water is not fixed, the intensity of rain water is not controllable, wind direction, temperature, surrounding environment, etc.


But after shooting several large rescue scenes, we had no worries at all. 1000xpro can play its normal function under the impact of fire water gun or in the harsh environment with huge high and low temperature difference.

At the same time, the dual color temperature and high brightness of 1000xpro plays an important role in lighting up the large scene and creating the on-site environment atmosphere.


1000xpro Field Case

1000xpro Field Case1000xpro Field Case


High power + dual color temperature


--Thank you, doctor


The reason why we met Li Shuai film and television was that the crew was filming in Hangzhou Bay at that time. The shooting time span was relatively long, and the headquarters of Li Shuai film and television was nearby. Naturally, we just shot together.


At that time, 1000xpro was just launched, but the characteristics of the industry's largest power two-color temperature spotlight still brightened our eyes. As a film and television crew, the demand for brightness is endless, and the function of two-color temperature infinite dimming is the icing on the cake.

The high power of 680W, combined with the wide range color temperature of 2700k-6500k, enables 1000xpro to have a huge illumination output within the full color temperature range. It can not only simulate the changes of sunlight in different periods of time, but also the contrast effect of color temperature makes the picture more hierarchical.


In addition, the two-color temperature lighting also largely meets the artists' high requirements for the appearance on the camera.


All artists know the importance of lighting.


1000xpro Field Case1000xpro Field Case1000xpro Field Case


High efficiency and high energy collision


--"Girls' Party" crew


Micro film "the gathering of girls", directed by Li Zhen, is a joint degree work of the 2022 graduate students of Beijing Film Academy.


As a lighting engineer, I have worked for many years, shooting many films, including genre films, science fiction films and comedies, and used countless lighting equipment. Before trying domestic brands, we mostly used imported equipment. However, after this contact with Lishui 1000xpro and other series products, we found that the product functions and lighting efficiency were very surprising.


On the whole, the 1000xpro is relatively lightweight. Compared with its power and illumination, it can shake off the traditional lighting in terms of usability. Portability means less time, greater safety factor and more efficient work.

1000xpro has very strong penetration, and has the effect of traditional 4K within a certain range, eliminating the requirement for power. Some of our plays were shot outdoors in Xiangshan. The high brightness and power-saving lights really hit our needs.


Finally, it comes with its own wireless transmitter. In the imported lamps we used to use, we basically need an external wireless receiver, and the 1000xpro can directly connect to the mobile phone or DMX console wirelessly, which is very professional and convenient.


1000xpro Field Case1000xpro Field Case1000xpro Field Case


Secret of the height of the live studio


--EP YAYING live studio


There are relatively few professional film and television lights in the live broadcasting room, and it is even more rare to use such super high-power professional spotlights.


Considering the live broadcast of clothing, the anchor will walk back and forth during the live broadcast, and basically appears all over the camera, we use a high-power spotlight with an oversized spherical softbox.


On the one hand, high power can fully illuminate the areas involved in the live broadcast without any dark corners; At the same time, the improvement of brightness also creates more conditions for the blessing of the softbox, making the image of the anchor softer and cleaner, and the picture more bright and clear.


The stable and high-quality light sense brought by professional film and television lights is unmatched by ordinary fill lights. The high color rendering of 1000xpro makes the image of the anchor and the products displayed on site more lifelike and beautiful.

1000xpro Field Case1000xpro Field Case


We'll share the user feedback about 1000xpro here for the time being.


I hope that every time you create Lishuai lighting, it is worth remembering, and I hope our sharing can help you.


Such a beautiful record, I look forward to your participation~



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