Lighting Scheme Teaching for Beauty Live Streaming

Lighting Scheme Teaching for Beauty Live Streaming

2022-12-10 17:45:29

Generally, when we build a beautiful live broadcast room, it will look better if the color system of the whole room is white. And our background color body is our anchor and cosmetics.




Then when we are arranging the lighting, the main body needs to be whiter and brighter, so that when the anchor is putting on makeup, the makeup will be more obvious and more beautiful.


First, let's turn off all the light sources. Turn on the main light source, we use Lishuai's panel light P120, cut in at an oblique angle, about 50 cm to the right of the background character. It is turned on with a color temperature of 5,600 and a brightness of 40%. The maximum power of this lamp is 120 watts, and its brightness is enough to fill the face of the background character in a small space.




The most important thing is that this flat panel light comes with a diffuser and a light baffle, so there is no need to install a diffuser like other lights. The light baffle can also better adjust the angle of light irradiation. It can be said that it will be convenient to the end.


Next, we turn on the auxiliary light source. We use the P60 with relatively low power. It also turned on 5,600 color temperature and 40% brightness. The reason is the same as with the P120. It's just that I need a light source with a lower power to give a little contrast to the character's face and make the picture more three-dimensional, but the contrast doesn't need to be very strong. We still need to make the anchor's makeup look more natural.




After the character's light source is arranged, we will start to arrange the entire environment's light. In the choice of ambient light, we used two Lishuai 200D, and installed a softbox to hit the ceiling to complete the entire ambient light arrangement. The color temperature of the two 200D lights is 5,600, and the brightness is 50%. The power of this light is 220 watts, which can make our whole room look like sunlight.


Then you can also see in the picture that these two lights are placed relatively high. It is easy to notice a problem, that is, it is not easy to control. But the 200D lamp solves this problem very well. It can be adjusted through the mobile phone app, which is convenient for the brightness requirements in different environments.




In the end, we are going to arrange the background of the live broadcast room. The distance between the characters in the background color and the background is about 3 meters, and beauty anchors generally have a lot of cosmetics. Then this time we also completed the background layout by arranging these various cosmetics.




In terms of lighting, we need to distinguish the background from the characters. So we put a little A8 ball light on the background as an embellishment. Of course, the background of each live broadcast room is different, and different arrangements are made according to the aesthetics of each blogger. But they are all similar in terms of lighting, and can be arranged with light bars or other small lights for decoration. As long as you can distinguish the background of the characters.


In the end, these are all the lights we used this time, and they are also a series of lighting products specially created by Li Shuai for the live broadcast.




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