"Lighting Talk" - No.4 | Those who want to shoot the women's team MV, come here

"Lighting Talk" - No.4 | Those who want to shoot the women's team MV, come here

2022-10-17 12:02:16

At the moment when short videos are so popular, we seem to be used to the form of video+music. As the "top class" Korean women's group today, MV is endowed with greater significance.


Someone once said clearly: "The way to judge whether the women's league is in operation is very simple. If the team does not produce a single MV for a whole year, it is basically equivalent to not being in operation." Explain the importance of MV in the women's league.


Today we are going to talk about how to reproduce a Korean professional women's team MV!


Color - Women's team MV first


Exquisite characters, rich plots, cool concept settings, neat and powerful dance performance, but among the numerous elements of the MV, light color has become the first thing to consider for a dazzling women's team MV!


The biggest difficulty of the Korean women's team MV we need to reproduce this time is the balance of light and color.


  • Full coverage of background wall color


In the sample, the white background wall is made into full color through the echo of the light, and can be fully covered at the corner of the wall. At the same time, the color distribution of the wall is very uniform, and the color transition is very smooth.




In this way, the test of lighting design and dimming is very big.


  1. Prepare a 600 ㎡ white shed and make the background wall into a shadowless wall;
  2. Suspend 6 RGB600 full-color flat lamps on the ceiling near the background wall;
  3. Place two RGB1200 at the left and right corners and hit the side walls on both sides;




Q: Why do you use LSAR RGB600 and RGB1200?


The light range of these two lamps is large enough, and the brightness is bright enough! Six RGB600 can fully ensure that the background light has enough sense of space and color saturation to complete the shooting, while the RGB1200 is lit on the side, which can ensure the smoothness of color connection on the whole wall or even at the corners.




Light and shadow - MV is the finishing touch


The flexible use of light and shadow is the most commonly used technique in the women's team MV, and it is also the finishing touch for the MV to attract people's eyes.


Some people think it is a special effect in the later stage at first sight. In fact, the whole scene is white background+projection. The photography team creates a special effect like picture effect through creativity and change of lighting and modeling.




  • Dynamic modeling projection


In the sample film, the dancers beat with the rhythm, and the aperture of their feet will also change with the changes of the actors and music. At the same time, the shape aperture of the ground is very clear


However, it is difficult to create a clear modeling light simply by placing a spotlight+modeling cylinder on the top.


  1. On the head of the main character, first use Lishuai 1000Xpro to match the beam cylinder to make a small circle;
  2. On the left and right sides of the ceiling, use a Lishuai 1000Xpro to match with the modeling cylinder to make a big circle;
  3. Change the three lights with music and dance to create a dynamic shape;




Q: Why use two Lishuai 1000Xpro to hit the big circle?


Use two 1000Xpro lights to cover the brightness of the top light on the head! Only in this way can we create a clear round light shape on the ground.




Shadow - Best embellishment


The shadow in the MV is just an object generated by light and shadow, which brings more dynamic beauty to the rhythm of the MV and maximizes the sensory experience in a seemingly simple way.




  • Dynamic modeling projection


In the sample film, the dancers' dance moves in combination with the dancing of the shadow, presenting the sensory experience of many people dancing in groups.


  1. In front of the characters, put two sets of Lishuai 1000Xpro, one on the left and one on the right;
  2. Cross and direct the characters to form a shadow effect on the left and right;




Today's light TALK is here——


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