Some Knowledge of Live Shooting

Some Knowledge of Live Shooting

2022-08-15 16:47:25

We always insist on taking user experience as the core of iterative evolution.


The studio is the place where everyone creates everyday.


However, it is inevitable that there will be content that needs to be taken out.


What is the difference between real shooting? Today, we went to the pub to shoot a short film. Let's take a look at the problems encountered in live shooting.


Tavern shooting


In this shooting of the craft pub, the lighting idea is to use soft light to brighten the main body and the environment, and use reflective plates to supplement the auxiliary light on the other side, and then add the background light according to the site conditions.


Live Shooting Equipment


First of all, before shooting, it is necessary to close the doors and windows, or use black cloth to block all the natural light, and then close all the indoor light to remove the extra stray light, so as to better control the light. Here, the atmosphere lamp of the pub is left to render the atmosphere.


Live Shooting Equipment


Here, Lishuai 600X dual color temperature spotlight is used as the main light, and the soft light box is used to brighten the main body and the environment. On the other side, a white reflector is used to supplement an auxiliary light.


Live Shooting Equipment


During shooting, it was found that the red background was too dark and the details were lost. A Lishui 50D was added to highlight the background.


Live Shooting Equipment


This time, a lot of upgraded motion shots were taken to facilitate the connection of the later editing.


Live Shooting Equipment


In the later editing, the speed was adjusted to slow down the main content, while the intermediate transition content increased the speed, so that the content was expressed clearly and the whole was more rhythmic.


Live Shooting Equipment

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