Lighting TALK- When it comes to saving money, lighting engineers can always have new ideas

Lighting TALK- When it comes to saving money, lighting engineers can always have new ideas

2022-07-22 15:22:59

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How to achieve "minimalist style" of lighting in TVC shooting of outdoor large scenes?


It is the norm for film and television workers to face difficulties.


The production budget is tight, the shooting cycle is short, the requirements are various, and the changes are frequent... Every problem that makes people jump is a situation that film and television workers often encounter.


Lighting director Liu Bin and his team brought us "low-cost, well-made" TVC shooting experience for large outdoor scenes.


Sometimes it seems that a small action can bring a big surprise to the shooting. Let's copy homework together!




Refinement is very important


@Lighting guide Liu Bin


The task of this shooting is the arena competition scene. Similar to this classic big scene shooting, in fact, the plans of each lighting engineer are generally very different. The main problems that need to be solved: the outdoor sunlight is uncontrollable, the lens is easy to wear, and the actor cannot face the lens...


Lighting TALK


Coincidentally, before this, the team participated in the shooting of "Impression West Lake" in Hangzhou. It was also a large outdoor scene. The equipment used were: 2 large cranes, 1 large truck, 1 set of 20*20 meters large butterfly cloth, multiple Tungsten filament lamps, multiple dysprosium lamps.


This scheme is actually very common and can also be used in this shooting, but the only problem is: expensive! Moreover, there were less than 4 assistants given in this shooting, and even if all the equipment was equipped, the lighting could not be completed.


Lighting TALK


Therefore, under the premise that the environment is similar, but the actual differences such as cost budget are large, we can only make the best use of everything. Combined with the actual refinement plan, we can use simpler lighting and limited equipment to make better effects.




Problem solving is king


@Lighting guide Liu Bin


No matter how tight the budget is or how short the production cycle is, the problems before us still need to be solved.


Q: Big Butterfly has no equipment to hang it up to cover the big scene!


The butterfly cloth is used for close-up shots in the shooting to block light, so that the actor can look directly at the camera naturally. In addition, use two 1000Xpros for lighting to reshape the effect of sunlight and make the characters more layered~


Lighting TALK


Q: There is no butterfly cloth in the big scene, and the ground is bright!


Sprinkle the ground to increase the sense of density on the ground. Take two shots with the same lens, one with water and one without water, and then darken them later to solve the problem of reflection on the ground when shooting large scenes.


Lighting TALK


Q: The direction of the sun is different at different times!


When the sunlight changes, move the light swinging leg to find the light position, and the camera also needs to avoid the light leg to avoid getting caught.


At this time, the lightness of the light played a key role. In the case of limited personnel and strictly controlled shooting time, the light position was quickly moved to keep up with the shooting rhythm.


Lighting TALK


When shooting resources are extremely scarce, you can obtain cost-effective effects by grasping the use of key lighting and clarifying where the picture needs to be changed.




Trust me, all-round light




In the shooting of various TVC scenes, especially outdoor shooting, the requirements for the lights are not only bright enough, but the brightness that can compete with the scorching sun, so that the lighting effects you want can be produced at various time periods.


Lishuai 1000Xpro spotlight, high-power dual color temperature, maximum power up to 680W, brightness comparable to 1.8K traditional dysprosium lamp, this is one of the few lights on the market that can compete with 1.8K dysprosium lamp!


Lighting TALK


Accurate low-end control is the 1000Xpro's secret weapon in dealing with the competition of high-power spotlights. When choosing lights, many people pay more attention to power, illuminance and basic functions, but in actual use, especially in TVC shooting, the accurate display of brightness and color temperature has become an important part of testing a lamp.


Lighting TALK


0-10% low-end precise control, linear uniformity, smooth transition. Whether it is on the console or on the mobile APP, it can be accurately achieved.


Outdoor shooting lights must be fully armed at 360° to withstand the unpredictable environment. 1000Xpro, high-strength rainproof, the lamp body and control box can be exposed to use in heavy rain, and can still be used normally in the cold weather of minus 20℃ and the high temperature of 45℃.


Lighting TALK


There are thousands of good lights, but one that the performance is stable, the highlights are prominent, and the all-round multi-scene is the most popular.

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