Is this lighting setup attractive

Is this lighting setup attractive

2024-02-23 14:22:08
The common problem of the live room
The product has no texture and is not advanced
The characters are not pretty, there is no atmosphere
Today, let's solve it together~

"Characters don't look good

The product has no texture " 



Setting of Camera and table position

Reposition the camera, take the view from the angle of the wall, and move the table out 1.5-2 meters away from the angle background to increase the depth of the video.



High-definition, textured, cinematic live room

Live room lighting is one of the most important steps in creating a premium movie version of a live room

Main Light

Use two lights with parabolic softboxes, one on the left and one on the right, light up the figure and make the anchor's skin fair and transparent.


Contour light

A 200W spotlight with a fresnel lens mount. Lighting from top to bottom from the back of the anchor's side, lighting up the character's hair and outlining the character's silhouette, making the image more layered.


Product Light

If you want the product to have a sense of texture, use a spotlight with hard beam, a soft panel light,placed in the direction of the side of the front, the product texture can be enhanced immediately


ambient light

Light up a table lamp and use a spotlight with a modifier to illuminate the tree shadow.

The atmosphere will be here in minutes~


Live room

There's atmosphere, texture, and beauty


Knowledge Sharing

Tea Ware & Porcelain


Easily complete the super-textured live room~














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